Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Stop Fashion Piracy

So lately I have noticed a lot of Chinese companies selling poor copies of real designer wedding and prom dresses online and it got me to thinking about how much these copies affect the integrity of the bridal industry. These fake companies steal the designers pictures from the official websites and post them on their own counterfeit website, tricking customers into believing that they are receiving an actual designer dress when, in fact, they are receiving a poorly reproduced copy. As a local business Bridal Expressions encourages buying from a local trusted source to prevent you from falling prey to one of these illegitimate website scams. 

I realize that some people do not see what is wrong with buying a counterfeit dress online, but what people don't realize is that by buying from an authorized retailer you are not only getting the quality and service you expect, but you are also helping out your local community. Small businesses play an important role in a healthy community, sales tax and income tax from small businesses provide money for local governments and local schools. Without small businesses there would be less teachers for our students and fewer police officers on our streets. By buying locally from an authorized dealer you are bettering your community. Purchasing a fake dress online means that all of your money ends up in a foreign country, your community and your country see no benefit. 

I recently saw this letter from Alyce Designs which I think outlines the risk that counterfeit merchandise poses to small businesses in the United States. Alyce Designs has some of the most unique prom dress designs and Bridal Expressions is very proud to carry them in our store and we would be devastated if they were unable to continue doing business because of Chinese copies of their designs flooding the internet. Purchasing counterfeit dresses online means that American workers lose their jobs, when fewer legitimate dresses are purchased dress designers will hire fewer people and they may eventually have to close their doors, leaving a lot Americans without jobs. 

Check out to learn more about how to stop fashion piracy and protect American integrity. 

Bridal Expressions is proud to be a local business who keeps the best interest of the community at heart by purchasing designer dresses directly from the manufacturer. We understand that by doing business in a legitimate way that we better our community and our country. Also check out to learn why buying locally creates a better Utah.


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