Thursday, December 1, 2011

To Do or Not to Do: Birdcage Veils

One of the hottest wedding accessories right now is the Birdcage Veil. This small blusher-like veil is usually worn over the face and slightly off to an angle (usually over just one eye). 

Even though this wedding accessory screams "vintage" it may not be right for your vintage-inspired wedding. Not every person who puts on a birdcage veil falls in love at first sight, and that's just fine. The best thing about your wedding day look is that you get to customize it to match your own personal style. The best way to know if a birdcage veil is right for you is to try them on!

There are a couple different styles of birdcage veils, so be sure to try them all!

1. Veil Only Birdcage
Photo Courtesy of Mariell

A Veil only birdcage veil is just that, only a veil. This type of veil has a small swath of French netting and a comb which is generally worn at the crown or back of the head. Simple and classic. 

2. Visor Veil Birdcage
Photo Courtesy of Mariell
Photo Courtesy of Mariell

This type of birdcage veil has two combs attached to the French netting and the combs will be placed on either side of your head. A vintage style with a modern twist. 

3. Birdcage Veil with an accessory
                          Photo Courtesy Mariell

Photo Courtesy EnVogue Accessories

This veil is just like the veil only option, but instead of just a comb features an accessory, usually a brooch, hair comb, or a flower. The accessory and veil can be separate or attached. 

4. Fascinator with Birdcage Veil
                                   Photo Courtesy Erica Koesler
Photo Courtesy Mariell

Think of a fascinator as a small hat. This style has become increasingly popular since their appearance at the royal wedding. This style is fun and super retro. 

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